U.S.C.G Licensed Captains for Hire

Need a Boat Moved? Looking for someone to teach you boating operations and safety, help install electronics?

Capt. William Dunk
Great Lakes Boating Services
Delivery and Training / Electronics
(248) 408-0349
Capt. Daniel L DeVisser
Great Lakes Captain Services
Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron
Delivery and Training / Teaching Captain
Capt. Brian Cecil
Stee Charter Tours, and Delivery LLC.
Capt. Paul Zelenka
Betty Lou Sport Fishing
Capt. James K. Ecker Jr.
(574) 849-5353
Captain Joshua Scally
Blue Harbor Charters LLC
Capt. Noah Huber
(586) 850-7477
Capt. Dustin Doroh
Adrift Charters LLC
(269) 501-7273
Capt. Lee Price
West Michigan S.A.I.L
(419) 376-3277
Capt. Paul Straetmans
OCMC Yacht Deliveries
(586) 634-3203
Capt. Chad Haynor
Evolution Charters
(616) 219-8501
Capt. Tavis F. Polinskey
CoHooker Charters
(616) 322-2644
(855) 932-2824 W
Capt. Brady Babcock

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Discover the adventure awaiting you with the Michigan Charter Boat Association! With a fleet of over 600 skilled captains, we offer unparalleled experiences across more than 100 ports throughout Michigan. Embark on thrilling fishing charters amidst the vast expanse of the Great Lakes, or explore the tranquil beauty of Michigan's rivers and streams with our expert River Guides. Sail away into the sunset from numerous picturesque ports with our Sailboat Charters, or delve into the mysterious depths of Michigan's shipwreck dive preserves on our Scuba Dive charters. Or for a more relaxed journey, indulge in scenic cruises along Michigan's stunning shoreline, taking in the majestic lighthouses and breathtaking vistas. Whether you seek an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a serene lake vacation, our captains and their vessels are here to make your experience unforgettable. Not only do these experiences provide unmatched excitement and relaxation, but they also play a vital role in Michigan's tourism economy. Rest assured, all Michigan Charter Boat Association captains and vessels adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance with both state and federal regulations.

Join us today and let the Michigan Charter Boat Association be your gateway to the wonders of Michigan's waters!

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